Pain Therapy

Relieving Pain Through Orthodontics

We all know that braces straighten teeth and provide people with beautiful smiles, but could there be more advantages? YES!

Braces are synonymous with straight teeth, but what most don’t know is that when an orthodontist properly aligns teeth, they are also creating stability throughout the whole body.

Teeth lay the foundation of support throughout the body by either promoting proper head position on the spine, or setting up a domino effect of problems. If these posture problems are not addressed, they can have significant adverse effects on a person’s life like frequent headaches and chronic neck/back pain.

Through combined treatment with a physical therapist and an orthodontist who is experienced in such practices such as Dr Hohl, proper posture can be established and maintained, promoting life-long whole body health. This is called Postural Restorative Orthodontic Treatment.

At Hohl Orthodontics, we have the amazing opportunity to have a Hruska Clinic™ physical therapist in our office most Thursday mornings at our south Lincoln, NE location.

If you would like to learn more about our combined orthodontic and physical therapy program and/or to set up a complimentary exam, please contact our office today to speak with our scheduling coordinator.