Orthodontic Jaw Surgery

We understand that the term ‘jaw surgery’ may be unfamiliar and overwhelming to most people when it is presented as a potential treatment plan. Our goal as a team is to resolve any common myths about orthodontic jaw surgery, and to also provide a complete comprehension of exactly what to expect. We believe that giving every patient greater awareness of any suggested treatment will help to easy uncertainty and result in confident decision making by the patient.

Oral surgery may be needed in certain orthodontic cases to treat various concerns such as jaw growth deficiencies, TMJ (temporomandibular) disc displacement, breathing and speaking issues, and much more. Our team believes in always choosing the most minimally invasive treatment plan, that will also produce the most ideal and long term benefits. When the options include oral surgery we are sensitive to any initial reservations that patients may have. It is our objective to accurately answer all questions, and to help patients in making an informed decision about his/her treatment.

Oral surgery is a complex procedure that will effect facial and jaw bones, along with patients’ teeth. Because there are multiple components involved, we will include the experience of a Maxillofacial Surgeon, General Dentist, and any other healthcare professionals that may be necessary. Our team is familiar with the Oral Surgeons in our area and make it a priority to choose a surgeon who best fits the specifications of each procedure, and also who the patient feels most comfortable with.