The iTero Difference

For years, dental impressions have been a key component in diagnosing and planning orthodontic treatment. This standard procedure involves filling the patient’s mouth with messy, alginate material, and can be one of the hardest parts of getting braces for some.

At Hohl Orthodontics we are proud to offer fewer impressions and more convenience for our patients with our new iTero digital scanner. These scans are less-invasive and far more comfortable for patients than traditional impressions. Our staff has been professionally trained to complete an accurate full mouth scan in about four minutes. This quick and easy scan instantly digitally displays your teeth on the computer screen, and saves it in our database.


iTero and Invisalign Treatment

The iTero digital scanner has revolutionized the Invisalign experience. Along with eliminating the need for antiquated impressions, iTero has built-in Invisalign certified connectivity. This allows patients to interactively view the details of their Invisalign treatment, with a step-by-step simulation of their teeth throughout treatment. Digital scanning is proven to be more accurate than impressions, leading to better fitting aligners and more comfort for patients.

Treatment Simulation

Have you ever wondered what your teeth might look like after Invisalign treatment? With iTero, you aren’t taking a chance on your smile. Included with your Invisalign diagnostic records, you will receive an intraoral digital scan that will provide you with a virtual 3D simulation of what your teeth will look like after Invisalign treatment.