Patient Satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction Survey

Our goal is to ensure that your experience in working with our office is as convenient and pleasant as possible and that your patients are satisfied with their orthodontic experience. We would greatly appreciate any feedback, negative or positive, so we may improve our performance in the future.

1. How would you rate our quality of service?
ExcellentAcceptableNeeds Improvement

2. How would you rate our professionalism?
ExcellentAcceptableNeeds Improvement

3. How would you rate our staff knowledge?
ExcellentAcceptableNeeds Improvement

4. Were you seen at your appointed time?

5. How would you rate our communications, both written and verbal?
ExcellentAcceptableNeeds Improvement

6. Would you recommend your family and/or friends?

7. What are we doing well?

8. What can we improve on?

9. If you would like us to contact you regarding this survey, please leave your name and phone number or email below.

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